MMS is offering a comprehensive range of products suitable for large bore 4-stroke European made diesel & gas engines.


Our pistons are made by the largest independent piston manufacturer in Germany, our subsidiary company SECO Gmbh.

The pistons are certified by Lloyd's Register and stamped accordingly. All our pistons are made in Germany, using the latest in casting technology for the skirt and the unique patented MMS crown.

X-ray, magnetic flux and ultra sonic tests are used to ensure crackfree skirts.

Injection Equipment

MMS offers a wide range of fuel injection equipment. Ranging from pump elements, adapter to complete fuel pumps and injection valves.

Piston Crowns

Extending the lifetime of piston crowns!

MMS Long Life Crowns (pat.) are forged out of purified steel with exceptionally high tensile strength and nitrated for extreme life time of piston ring grooves and matching surfaces as well as resistance against hot corrosion on the fire side. This method is protected by a world wide patent.

Cylinder Heads

Optimal performance at reduced costs.

We are the leading after market producer of cylinder heads in Germany, covering the range from 160-500mm of bore diameter, made from EN-GJS-600-3 and casted in Germany only. A class certificate is compulsory.

Cylinder Liner

We can offer a wide range of cylinder liner with diameters from 200mm up to 500mm.

All cylinder liner consignable from MMS are manufactured in Germany by our subsidiary company SECO GmbH. Of course the quality is assured by a Class Certificate. For further information please visit the website of our subsidiary company SECO Gmbh